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Yes, you can make money just being online.
Earn while doing work on your pc, chating,
answering your email, surfing the web, even
playing games.

Quick Overview :

Getpaid4 Paying Now for 75 hours a month. Pays to 7 levels.

ClickDough New. Paying now for unlimited hours to 8 levels.

Spedia Now paying for UNLIMITED hours a month.

Desktop Dollars Paying Now for Unlimited Hours

All Advantage The one that started it all. Fast payer.

BEPAID Pays at least $20.00 an hour to vew ads. 13% 2nd, 7% third level.

JACKPOT Have some FUN Win Big Cash Cars Millions Instantly
Earn a spin a minute. 50 free at signup. Refer others and win what they win!
Refer 25 - Get a free Palm Pilot!

Desktop Horizions - Good pay plan to 5 levels of referals.

ItAdsUP - Get paid $30.00 a month before you refer anyone.

ValuPay Earn up to $1.00 an hour when you or your friends are online.

GoToWorld - Good referal structure, expanding to many countries.

Ignifuge Get paid just to have a start page and for referring others..

Pay You to Surf Program Details:

Getpaid4 Hot new program from TechnoSurf.

You earn as long as you are active and the banner is on.
You can be doing anything on your pc.
Ad window is available when you sign up.
It is in beta. $0.50 an hour projected.
Pays out at $15.00. You can get paid for 75 hours a month. Pays to 7 levels of Unlimited referals worldwide.
This one is a Winner. My top pick.

NEW. Pays to 8 levels for unlimited hours
you don't have to be surfing just active. Nothing to download. Join free and start earning right now!

BEPAID Brand New and better.
Pays you from $20.00 an hour to
$100.00 an hour to view full screen ads that come available
when you are using the internet. Signup anywhere in the world.
Earn 13% on your referals. 7% second level

ALL Advantage pays you $0.50 an hour,
Pays 0.10 on second level, $0.5 levels 3,4 and 5. Join from anywhere in the world and start building your group. Paying Now in France, Germany, UK, Australia, New Zealand, US, US Teritories and Canada. . Start earning today. Pays for 25 hours a month.

Crew Design plans to pay $1.25 an hour to you for using its
ad window. You do not have to be surfing. Pays for referrals.
Click the banner above to join Crew Design or learn more.

is ready for you to earn money today.
Pays you $0.40 an hour, 1st level $0.10, level 2 $0.15
and level 3 $0.20 an hour, maximum of 40 hours per month.
International. Language translator on web page.
TIP: GoTo creates a new browser for you to use. You can right click
on the dollar or pound sign in the upper right corner to view the ad
banner bar only. That makes life eaiser and you may even be able
to run other pay programs if you choose.

Desktop Horizions pays you $0.60.0 an hour for your surfing time
$0.10 on level 1, $0.05 on level 2
$0.05 on level 3, $0.10 on level 4
$0.15 on level five. International members may join, checks will be drawn on US bank.
You earn when your downline uses the ad bar even if you have not used yours. A nice plus to this program.

ItAddsUp pays you anytime the view bar is on. You do not have to be browsing the web.
You can be working in other applications, reading mail, whatever you want to do and still
be makeing money. I like this one. check it out.
New, pays $0.50 an hour to you.
Rates for referals not yet published. International, anyone can join. Note: While in Beta is paying $0.20 an hour, not paying for downline.

Value Pay will pay up to $1.00 an hour for using its
mini browser Piggy. Adds will be displayed in an unused area
at right top of your browser. You may youe any browser.
International, ad barbeing released based on sign up date,
sign up now and start your group. International.

SpediaMake Cash on the Net
Download Spedia and earn today. Pays unlimited hours.

Desktop Dollars
Start earning today. Signup free and download the Profit Zone now and start earning $0.50 cents an hour for your time and $0.05 on anyone you refer. Unlimited hours.

Ignifuge Get paid just to have a start page and for referring others..

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We share a percentage of our advertising revenue with you. As a member you will receive 40% of the revenue generated from the ads you view.

If you refer somone you receive 10% of the revenue that person generates, 5% for their referral, 2% for their referral, and finally, 1% for the fourth generation referral.

You may simply pass out your ID number to your friends and family. When someone registers and uses your ID number you will be credited with a referral.

For those with Websites, you may utilize our banners, graphics, and links to advertise the UtopiAd community and various PayWare products. When someone clicks through from your site and registers, you will be credited with a referral. There Is No Limit
While many Pay-to-Surf companies limit the amount of time you can be paid while on-line, UtopiAD does not! That is why we are the premier Pay-to-Surf Company on the net!